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"Proiect București" Construction Design Institute

The young engineer Traian Popp graduated the university in 1956 and began his career at the "Proiect București" Construction Design Institute, where he worked for 3 years. The first construction projected was a small building of masonry houses located near the Cotroceni Palace.


"Carpați" Construction Design Institute

Perhaps the most prolific period of Traian Popp's activity was at the "Carpați" Construction Design Institute in Bucharest, during which time he participates, directly elaborates and coordinates the design teams of emblematic buildings in Romania and abroad. These include the Palace Hall, the Romanian Television building, the National Theater in Bucharest and the Parliament Palace, as well as the Romanian Embassy in Bonn, the Hippodrome in Abu-Dhabi or the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens and Crete and the Porto-Caras hotel complex in Halkidiki, Greece.

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Establishment of Aedificia MP Construction Design Office

With the conclusion of the formal activity within the "Carpați" Construction Design Institute, Traian Popp sets up a new design office together with Mr. Acad. Prof. Dr. Panaite Mazilu. The office will be called Aedificia MP and will be the place where the founders of the Popp & Asociații group will meet a few years later. Dragoș Marcu and Mădălin Coman, the future partners of Popp & Asociații, met at Aedificia MP after graduating university. Here they start their design activity and work together on projects such as the consolidation and expansion of the Majestic Hotel and the expansion of the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest. In the years spent at Aedificia MP, Dragoș and Mădălin become the "de facto" leaders of the company, as the economic context heads to progress.


Establishment of Popp & Asociații

Popp & Asociații structural design office is founded by the well-known and experienced engineer Traian Popp and the younger engineers Dragoș Marcu and Mădălin Coman. The vision for the newly founded company was to develop and provide customers with top, intelligent, and sustainable structural design services, promoting the good practices and complying with the legal requirements and standards. The company took the commitment of becoming a landmark in the industry, with the purpose to increase the quality and safety in the construction field and the level of competence and professionalism of the construction designer profession.

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First large-scale projects

The company became known through the innovative technical solutions proposed to its customers from the very first works: design and execution in top-down system for the Charles de Gaulle Plaza office building in Bucharest (5B + GF + 17F); a complex solution for consolidating the Palace of Justice in Bucharest, one of the largest existing administrative buildings in Romania at that time.


Consulting Engineers

Wishing to provide technical consultancy and technical expertise services, that would meet the market’s demands and needs, the first satellite company of the group was founded: Consulting Engineers. The team of chartered technical verifiers and experts has grown exponentially and has always been ready to offer solutions, regardless of the design stage of a project.

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New directions: Geotechnical Engineering and Project Management

As the design office gained notoriety, the contracted projects became more and more demanding and complex. To meet the customers’ demands and to be able to offer them integrated services, two new distinct lines of business have been created: geotechnical engineering and project management. These two were designed to cover a market’s segment and to provide support for the main business activity.


Economic challenges

Although it was a difficult economically time across the entire country, the company overcame the momentum, relying on the shareholder determination and a united team. Fewer in number, the projects went further, and customers continued to receive the best services from the Popp Group.

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Establishment of the R&D Department

With the expansion and consolidation of the company's activity, the need was felt to maintain and constantly improve the level of knowledge and technical standards practiced by the team, in order to meet customers’ demands and to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions. The Research & Development Department was set up to be the company's technological peak, preserving in many aspects the original spirit that gave birth to the company.


Ultratest attachment

Given the complexity of certain projects, especially those of consolidating or refurbishing a building, the need was felt for a testing laboratory for construction materials to provide quick and accurate answers. Ultratest, the new company in the Popp Group, has diversified the services provided to the customers.

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An analysis of the company’s structure, along with the desire to develop and specialize certain departments, led to a revision of the organizational chart and of the functioning and organization. The unique methodology for streamlining the activity and projects has allowed us to remain in the top of Romanian design companies. In the same period, the departments of public and private tendering and marketing-sales were reorganized.


BIM Technologies

A new company part of the Popp group is established, specialized in offering BIM (Building Information Modeling) services for the construction field. BIM Technologies provides services for the digitization of construction projects, for buildings in the design phase or for existing buildings.

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20 years

On the 20th anniversary, the more than 75 professionals in the company's team continue to carry on the values inspired by its founder, Prof. Eng. Traian Popp. 11 of these professionals hold shares in different percentages in the group’s companies. We continue to offer our customers solutions for safe structures. Eleven of these professionals hold shares in different percentages in the group's companies.